Roxie (AQHA)

Roxie is our gorgeous black quarter horse. She teaches students the importance of soft hands and taking deep breaths when you ride. One of her best qualities is her steadiness.

Goose (AQHA)

Goose has called SpiritHorse home since he was just a baby! He is a roan quarter horse. As a yearling he broke his back left femur which ended a show career he was destined for. Goose is the best at teaching students how to create and consistently maintain personal boundaries.

Parker (Quarter Horse Pony)

Parker is the kind grandpa horse at SpiritHorse. He is so patient with our beginners and is the best at teaching new students confidence. He is also the best at teaching students to lope when they are ready.

Whiskey (AQHA)

Whiskey is our youngest horse at SpiritHorse. Because of her age, she is considered to be “green” and is ridden by our riders with the most experience. She’s a beautiful bay quarter horse with a super sweet, kind and willing attitude. She has a really bright future ahead of her!

Puddin (AQHA)

Pudding and Roxie are very similar looking. Puddin is also a big and beautiful black quarter horse, but she does have a big scar on one of her legs from an old injury. The injury ended her show career early, but that’s ok because now we are able to benefit from all of her extensive training!

Willow (Appaloosa POA)

Willow is an easy one to spot because she is covered in spots! We love our sassy little appaloosa pony. Her petite size and feistiness are good qualities that help our more experienced riders practice balance and consistency. They also make her the queen of the pasture!


Enzo is a Dutch Warmblood and is our tallest and most regal horse at the ranch. He is a retired dressage horse that had quite the career. His dressage history has taught him a lot of lofty gates which make him the most difficult to ride at the trot, but it also makes him the best at teaching our students to be strong.

Zee (AQHA)

Zee is a very special girl! She’s a chestnut quarter horse that has a rough past. Because of trauma in her past, she has learned to cope with stress with very visible actions. Her actions are often misinterpreted, so Zee is our best teacher at helping kids and adults recognize their own anxiety, how to express it, and how to work through others’ misinterpretations of them. It sounds complicated, just like Zee, but if you watch her in action then you know. She also loves little kids!

Our Crew of miniature horses and ponies


Spirit is our OG! He is the oldest horse at the ranch and is our best gentleman. When he was young he was a jumping pony and one day he was actually attacked by a chicken! He was being ridden and a chicken jumped on him and held onto his tail! You would think he wouldn’t like the chickens at the ranch, but he doesn’t mind them!


This girl’s name fits her perfectly! She hates shots but loves when her mane and tail are chalked up to be rainbow colors.


Another girl with a perfect name. She is the Queen and makes sure everyone knows it!


This sweet boy has the most beautiful eyes! He does have a chronic disease in his hooves, so he spends his days at the ranch lounging around and loving all the groom sessions he can get!


Snips is our miniature stud. He is so handsome and the ladies love him. Hopefully, one day he will become a daddy when he grows up!


Raven is one of our most plump minis. He is a sweet boy, but don’t let his sweetness talk you into giving him any treats! He is on a strict diet to shed some of his weight so that he can enjoy the ranch for many more years.


Randy is our silliest boy and is technically a pony. He is a little wiggly and fidgety when he’s rode independently, so he’s a great ride for the smallest and toughest cowboys and cowgirls.


Prince is an old pony and was rescued by Charlotte. She purchased him from an auction that saved him from death. When he came to us he was so skinny and his skin was in awful shape. That little man still has an itchy bum, but with good nutrition and a lot of love he has really come around! You’ll always find him in our pasture with the big horses just enjoying the scenery!


Taco is a punk! He is a miniature appaloosa with a really long and thick tail which is uncommon for the breed. His stifle joints don’t fit together properly which results in him feeling very insecure when anyone is by his back legs. Because of this we only allow people around him who can respect that. But he doesn’t let that stop him, he still loves to run at top speed!


Little Shake is our completely blind mini. We rescued her from a very kind woman who loved her very much but couldn’t afford to keep caring for her. Shake doesn’t let her disability get the best of her though, she loves life and loves Taco and gets around just fine!

Our Other Friendly Animals

Miss Donkey

Our miniature donkey is the sweetest animal on the ranch. She loves when you sit down next to her. When you do, she basically curls up in your lap. Best cuddler for sure!

Gypsy the Sheep

Gypsy was raised in someone’s home and loves people. We acquired her after she grew up and needed more space.

All of the Goats!

We have a lot! But the real GOAT is Trevor! Trevor is the animal we have had the longest. He’s old! He does have arthritis in his knees but he still loves life, so we still love him back!

Clairabelle is also a special one. Charlotte and her granddaughters raised her after her mother abandoned her after birth. She was bottle raised in their home and is quite the character!

Other goats include Tiana, Freckles, 

The Ducks

We have 3 ducks. Wednesday likes to make himself known and if you get too close he will bite you when he is in a mood.

The Chickens

We always have a rotation of chickens at the ranch. Right now we even have a blind one!