Napa Rotary Club Fundraiser May 4th, 2024

Rotary Club of Napa is proud to present our Spring Fundraiser, “Equine and Wine by the Shoreline.” This year’s event features a picnic and barbecue at the SpiritHorse Ranch in American Canyon. SpiritHorse Ranch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in January 2012 with the mission of “empowering lives through horses.” The owner, Charlotte Dougherty and her group of volunteers provide lessons, classes, and camps designed to improve the lives of children and adults who are facing developmental, emotional, social, or physical challenges. She provides scholarships for lessons to those in the community who need support including:

  • Children with autism spectrum disorder or special needs
  • Homeless families
  • Children with cancer
  • Drug addiction and trauma survivors
  • Veterans and their families
  • Fremont School of the Blind students
  • Camille Creek High School students

We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the communities of American Canyon and Napa for their unwavering support in our fundraising efforts. Your generosity has been instrumental in our mission,