Therapeutic Classes

These classes utilize interactions with horses and horseback riding as therapeutic tools to promote growth, development, and healing in individuals of all ages and abilities.

In therapeutic riding classes, certified instructors work closely with participants to tailor activities and riding experiences to meet their specific needs and goals. The classes typically involve a combination of mounted activities, such as riding exercises and games, as well as ground-based activities, such as grooming and leading the horse.

The benefits of therapeutic riding classes are numerous. Physically, horseback riding can improve balance, coordination, muscle strength, and range of motion. Emotionally and mentally, interacting with horses can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, while increasing self-confidence, self-esteem, and emotional regulation. Socially, participants have the opportunity to develop communication skills, build relationships with peers and instructors, and experience a sense of belonging and community.

We are partnered with the NorthBay Regional Center that offers disability services and support.

The Details
When a student registers we ask for a 3 month commitment to begin. Classes are once a week at the student’s assigned time. We do not offer makeup classes. Classes may be cancelled due to rain, excessive heat, or if a horse is not ok to work (horse injury and sickness can happen). 

Tuition by month: $340